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Orbital welding machine POLYSOUDE

A POLYSOUDE machine for welding pipes ranging from DN 32 to DN 250 (wall thickness up to t=20mm) is available.

Hydraulic torque wrench HYTORC

Two wrenches are available equipped with the arm HY-3MXT (up to 4,300NM or HY-10MXT (up to 15,000NM)..

Heat treatment (annealing) unit

Heat treatment (annealing) unit RETEP 6S/96

  • heat processing and surface treatment of metals using the electric resistance method
  • preheating
  • temperature range: 0 – 1,200˚C
  • 6 output circuit sections

Trucks equipped with hydraulic arm

Three vehicles are available by request, technical details below.


  • arm lifting capacity: 4000kg
  • max. lifting height: 11,5m
  • truck bed loading capacity: 3500kg
  • dimensions: length 6120mm x width 2480mm


  • arm lifting capacity: 12000kg
  • max. lifting height: 15,2m
  • truck bed loading capacity:  22800kg
  • dimensions: length 6440mm x width 2440mm


  • arm lifting capacity: 23000kg
  • max. lifting height:  20,3m
  • truck bed loading capacity: 6600kg
  • dimensions: length 6100mm x width 2400mm

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