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Our company is ISO 9001 compliant. This standard is considered as an essential condition to guarantee efficient and constant quality assurance processes.


We are aware of the fact that every work carries a risk of potential injuries and accidents. We are making all efforts to minimize the risk of injury and to constantly improve the conditions in the workplace and its surroundings. We comply with ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 14001 standards and the OHSAS 18001 directive.


The PMP Montex management is aware of the fact that the implementation of business plans and services may directly or indirectly affect the environment. During our activities we make all the efforts to minimize our impact and to preserve the environment.

Quality assurance

Our management knows that the company’s reputation depends on the quality of services provided. The company is determined to win a good reputation and significant market position in our field. We take the requests of our customers very seriously and improve our implementation processes in order to fulfil the needs of our customers and legal requirements.

STN ISO 9001
STN EN 14001
STN EN 18001

STN EN 3834‐2

Welding quality 3834‐2

We are certified for the following product types: Welded steel structures, boilers, pressure vessels, stable pipelines and pipeline systems

  • 311 ‐ oxyacetylene welding (G)
  • 111 ‐ manual shielded metal arc welding (E)
  • 135 ‐ metal inert gas welding with melting electrode (MAG)
  • 141 ‐ wolfram inert gas welding (WIG, TIG)

Qualifications – certificates

Technical equipment groups A and B – Pressure

Service of group A and B technical equipment 6/1/2010 – TZ – O(OU,R,M) – Ab1, b2,e, Bb1, b2, e1,e2, f1

Technical equipment groups A and B – Gas

Service of group A and B technical equipment 58/1/2012 – PZ – O(OU,R,M) – Ad, e, f, g, h, Bd, e,f,g,h1

AB Pressure
AB Gas